FR-X 15

FR-X 15a is compact, 2-way, self-powered enclosure.

EVO 15-A

The EVO 15a is a 2 ways top unit for PA, parties, cafes and rental companies that need high return on investment.

EVO Sub 18

Powerful bass-reflex T-lined  Moble and fixed installation Pole mount socket Passive/Active

CM 12A

CM 12a is a high-end system designed for stage monitoring and distributed FOH applications.

Ares 8A

ARES 8 line array system is suitable for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications from small scale concerts to theaters where sound quality is crucial.

B 18A

The B18a is a self-powered flying bass, lowering the combined system operating range down to 55Hz.


Dual 18’’ Faital Pro offers efficiency of 106dBspl 1W/1m 2pisr and a wide bandwidth 40-110Hz @-3dBspl.