FR-X 15

The FR-X range (constant curvature) features compact 2-way active or passive enclosures loaded with neodymium speakers and ferrite compression drivers coupled to a versatile AF horns. Optimised for medium throw applications where clarity and high SPL is crucial.  Operating over nominal frequencies from 50 Hz to 20 kHz, model dependent, the rotatable AF horn generates a 80° x 30° asymmetric directivity pattern.

FR-X 15

FR-X 15a is compact, 2-way, self-powered enclosure.

CM 12A

CM 12a is a high-end system designed for stage monitoring and distributed FOH applications.

Ares 8A

ARES 8 line array system is suitable for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications from small scale concerts to theaters where sound quality is crucial.

B 18A

The B18a is a self-powered flying bass, lowering the combined system operating range down to 55Hz.


Dual 18’’ Faital Pro offers efficiency of 106dBspl 1W/1m 2pisr and a wide bandwidth 40-110Hz @-3dBspl.