Accuracy Defined

Hear what’s really going on in your tracks with your choice of coaxial, MTM, and AMT monitor-speaker designs, as well as conventional two-way systems and subwoofers. We’ve invested years of research and development, informed by our staff’s extensive recording, mixing, and production experience, to deliver monitors with superior accuracy, clarity, and definition. Whether you’re buying your first professional reference monitors or are a long-time studio veteran, PreSonus® has a monitoring system that’s perfect for your needs, budget, and mixing environment.

Sceptre CoActual Monitors

Sceptre S6

6.5-inch CoActual® 2-way Studio Monitors

Sceptre S8

8-inch CoActual® 2-way Studio Monitors

Eris Studio Monitors

Eris E3.5

Active Media Reference Monitors

Eris E4.5

4.5-inch, 2-way, High-Definition Active Studio Monitors

Eris E4.5 BT

Eris E4.5 BT Active Media Reference Monitors with Bluetooth

Eris MTM Monitors

Eris E44

Dual 4.5-inch Active MTM Studio Monitors

Eris E66

Dual 6.5-inch Active MTM Studio Monitors

Eris E5 XT

2-Way Active Studio Monitors with EBM Wave Guide

Eris E7 XT

2-Way Active Studio Monitors with Wave Guide

Eris E8 XT

2-Way Active Studio Monitors with EBM Wave Guide

Monitoring Controllers

Monitor Station V2

Desktop Studio Control Center

Headphones and Amplifiers


4-Channel Headphone Amplifier

HP 2

Personal Headphone Amplifier

HD 7

Professional Monitoring Headphones

HD 9

Professional Monitoring Headphones