Used for classical guitar, ukulele, acoustic guitar.

Additional Information

  1. Trigger  capo for guitars
    Various color available,  Ceramic paint and bronze
  2. Electroplated
  3. Individual Package  with a cleaning cloth
  4. Size: 132×96×31(mm)
  5. Weight:  about 153.5g
  6. Used for: Acoustic guitar, classical guitar, ukulele, etc.


  • simplicity but perfect embodiment
  • Innovative insert type installation of the pad, it is removable, simple and convenient.
  • No glue and more environmentally friendly.
  • Use the silica gel material instead of the ordinary rubber, it is more environmentally friendly, and the elasticity is closer to the fingers.
  • More versatile, by changing to different silica gel pads, it can achieve three different guitar effects with just one capo.
  • with a cleaning cloth packing together.