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December 14, 2021

GOT MUSIC! We are in search for the best amateur artist, producer, arranger, mix engineer. This will be an online contest with major prizes from PreSonus and Kustom amplification. Details and mechanics to be announced soon. Join ka ba?

October  21, 2021


October  21, 2021

Friends, meet the PreSonus 2.1 gaming set up. It doesn’t matter if you have a 3.5 or 7XT with Eris 8Sub or a T10. As long as you have a MicroStation BT, you’re in control. Its a great set up for gaming, recording or movies, excitement guaranteed. #presonuseris #presonustemblor #presonusmicrostationBT #presonusstudiolive#homerecording#hifiaudio

October  11, 2021

The PreSonus MicroStation BT

Have you ever wondered, paano kaya sasama ang subs mo sa Eris speakers at pag naka Bluetooth ka? Here below is the solution, The PreSonus MicroStation BT.

August 11, 2021

The New PreSonus Revelator IO is here in the Philippines

PreSonus Revelator io24 is Your Partner from Studio to StreamBaton Rouge, Louisiana—July 2021… PreSonus® is shipping the new Revelator io24 USB-C™ audio interface (it’s actually here in the Philippines), which integrates high-headroom mic preamps, a two-channel loopback mixer, and extensive processing to deliver polished, professional-sounding results for streaming, podcasting, and music production. Flexible and versatile, Revelator io24 is the only audio interface designed for both recording and streaming. Its easy-to-use mixer lets you quickly record Zoom calls or Skype interviews and add backing tracks and sound effects for podcasts, live stream performances, music production, and more. Engage Stream Mix mode with the click of a button, and your complete mix–analog inputs, loopback channels, reverb, and effects–are routed to the USB output. From there, you can easily send it to your streaming software.

June 30, 2021
Welcome to our MDi Live Stream Studio. Audio by PreSonus, studio lighting, LED wall, 3 cam full HD cams with ATEM video mixer, super speed internet and full Acoustically treated room (very quiet), clean restrooms. Just send us s message if interested.
May  18, 2021

The  PreSonus Studio 68c is here…


May  18, 2021

The New PreSonus AVB-D16


May  05, 2021

The New PreSonus M7 Microphone coming soon…


February 03, 2021

THE REVELATOR has landed!

Next-level USB Microphone
As its name suggests, the PreSonus Revelator aims to redefine the common conception of what a USB microphone can be. Fully compatible with macOS and Windows, the USB microphone features an array of condenser capsules allowing you to choose from three pickup patterns (Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Figure-8). It seamlessly integrates with the bundled software and offers 16 presets from StudioLive that will push your vocals to a new level. Software mix control and the built-in headphone output let you monitor and control the final sound with total ease. To top it all off, the Revelator comes with a sleek desktop stand with built-in cable management. If you’re looking for a next-level USB microphone for your livestream, podcast, video conference, or other recording application, Sweetwater recommends the PreSonus Revelator.
#PresonusRevelator #podcast #vlogger

December 01, 2020

Everything you need to capture your drums.

DM-7: Complete Drum Microphone Set for Recording and Live Sound
The key to a great acoustic drum kit sound is to capture each element individually so that you have the most control over your mix. The PreSonus DM-7 drum mic set gives you everything you need to authentically capture your drum kit and just about any other instrument you like. Starting with the foundation, the BD-1 kick drum mic provides a unique frequency response to capture both the boom and the attack of your kick drum for tight, robust sound. The four ST-4 microphones will bring out the best in toms and snare drums while staying out of the drummer’s way thanks to included, adjustable rim mounts. To capture the sizzle of your cymbals and the ambiance of the room, use the two OH-2 small-diaphragm condensers to add space and movement to your drums. With a useful assortment of microphones, included mounts, and a hardshell carrying case, the DM-7 drum microphone set is a welcome addition to any mic locker.

December 01, 2020

PreSonus PD70

Ideally suited for broadcast, podcasting, and live streaming, the PD-70 is built to capture the spoken word cleanly and clearly while eliminating mechanical noise and breathiness so your voice is delivered to your listeners with clarity and warmth.

When your voice needs to be heard

Whether you’re starting your first podcast, telling your YouTube subscribers about the latest trends, or running a program for your local volunteer radio station from your living room, you need a microphone that will bring your voice to your listener with clarity and warmth. The PD-70 is built to capture the spoken word cleanly and clearly while eliminating mechanical noise and breathiness that can get between you and your audience. Thanks to superior off-axis rejection, you can set up your broadcast studio in just about any space—and unwanted reverberance, electrical hum, and the random car driving by will be left behind, leaving only the pristine, natural sound of your voice.

November  11, 2020

PreSonus Revelator USB Mic Makes It Easy to Get That “Radio Sound”

Baton Rouge, Louisiana—November 2020… Whether you’re looking for a microphone for vlogging, podcasting, voiceovers, or general home studio use, the new PreSonus® Revelator USB microphone makes it easy to get polished, professional-sounding results with great-sounding presets, easy-to-use loopback audio, and selectable polar patterns. Whatever your application, Revelator will adapt to fit your needs.
The secret to a “radio sound” is a combination of the right talent and microphone with just the right amount of EQ and compression. Revelator makes it happen with the same EQ and compression algorithms found in PreSonus’ award-winning StudioLive® Series III mixers. Eight easy-to-use, professionally crafted presets give you that radio sound at the press of a button, with the right combination of EQ and compression to make your voice stand out. Eight additional users presets are provided to make a Revelator sound that’s all your own using the full StudioLive Fat Channel controls available in Universal Control. You also get a wealth of voice effects to create just about any crazy sci-fi sound you want. Even better, you can store up to four presets to be instantly selectable via the Preset button on Revelator!
More than a USB microphone, Revelator also features two stereo streams for loopback audio so you can quickly and easily conference in Zoom calls, record gameplay, or showcase the audio in a YouTube video while adding witty commentary. Two streams for loopback audio mean you can mix and record the audio from two different applications on your computer, along with your voice, at the same time using the intuitive interface in Universal Control. Built-in monitoring and an onboard headphone amplifier let you listen to your performance and your mix in real-time.
Three pickup patterns provide maximum flexibility. Use the cardioid pattern for voiceovers or performances where only one voice should be captured. Doing a podcast interview in person? Change to the figure 8 pattern and position Revelator between you so one side will pick up the interviewer and the other will pick up the guest. Doing a roundtable discussion or recording multiple instruments? Switch to the omnidirectional pattern to pick up sound all the way around the microphone.
With its bus-powered, USB-C™-compatible design, Revelator makes connecting to a Windows® or macOS® computer and Android™ or iOS® tablet a breeze, and it comes with PreSonus’ popular Studio One® Artist recording and production software and Studio Magic Software Suite. An integrated desktop stand with built-in cable management and an elegant aesthetic keeps your broadcast space clean.

October  31, 2020

Landing in the Philippines very soon.

PreSonus CDL12P Constant-Directivity Loudspeaker a Great Solution for Bands, DJs, and Small Venues
Baton Rouge, Louisiana—October 2020… PreSonus®’ new CDL12P full-range, constant-directivity, powered sound-reinforcement loudspeaker combines the best attributes of point source and line array technology to provide the flexibility demanded by modern sound-reinforcement applications. Its unique, patent-pending, constant-directivity design enables it to radiate a highly focused pattern with consistent SPL throughout the frequency-response range, both on- and off-axis. The result is clear, articulate speech intelligibility and natural music reproduction.
The CDL12P is portable and can be used alone, in tandem with a subwoofer, or in an array, making it a great choice for touring bands and mobile DJs, as well as for fixed installs in small and midsize venues that don’t need a networkable loudspeaker. The original Dante-enabled CDL12 is recommended for venues that require a networkable constant-directivity loudspeaker.
Each CDL12P consists of eight 2-inch drivers aligned in a segmented circular-arc high-frequency array centered in front of a 12-inch woofer. The outputs of the low-frequency driver and the high-frequency array travel on the same acoustic axis, as with a coaxial studio monitor. Because the highs and lows emanate from the same point, they arrive at listeners’ ears at the exact same time, so the CDL12P doesn’t create any smearing in the crossover frequencies, ensuring better intelligibility throughout the frequency-response range and better sonic coherence across the entire venue. A low, 420 Hz crossover frequency minimizes comb filtering. Regardless of how many CDL12Ps you stack (up to six total), you get focused sound with consistent SPL coverage both on- and off-axis. Each CDL12P delivers 120° horizontal by 15° vertical dispersion, so six enclosures rigged together form a 120° x 90° coverage pattern.
The CDL12P’s integrated 500x500W Class D power amplifier features onboard DSP presets to facilitate and simplify arrayed configurations. The integrated DSP offers a high-pass filter; a limiter; tuning for use with PreSonus CDL18s, AIR18s, and ULT18 subwoofers; and controls for the number of enclosures used. A dual-angle pole mount is provided, supporting the use of one or two enclosures when pole-mounted on a tripod stand, or atop the companion CDL18s, ULT18, or AIR18s subwoofer, allowing the system to adapt to varying audience sizes. Heavy-duty aluminum rigging with integrated pin-loaded hardware rated for a 10:1 load ensures a safe solution for flown installations.
The CDL12P comes with a six-year warranty, so in the unlikely event you experience an issue, you can count on PreSonus to make it right. It’s going available here at Modular Display INC.

Sept 09, 2020

ioStation is Finally Here!


The collaborative partner for the solo artist.

When you’re a solo artist, you have to be more than just creative to realize your vision—you must also be a producer and an audio engineer. The ioStation 24c audio interface and production controller provides the tools needed for all of these diverse roles in a compact, ergonomic desktop design that will fit into any home studio. Record your audio through two pristine XMAX mic preamps and high-definition 24-bit, 192 kHz analog-to-digital converters. Navigate your recordings with easy-to-use transport controls.


Louder than ever the BEST way to make your ELECTRIC DRUMSET sound like the Real thing


The KDA50  draws on decades of amp design and manufacturing experience at Kustom. This model was built from the ground up to offer world-class tone, useful features and reliable performance. Inside this manual, you’ll find valuable information about the amp’s controls and specifications. Being familiar with its features will help you effectively tailor your drum amp’s sound.

August 26, 2020


Stay Focused PreSonus HD9 is Here.


Ever wonder what to do to keep your kids focused while at their on-line class? Too many distactions? Rooster crowing, Dogs barking, trycicle passing by? Luckily we have the HD9 noise cancelling headphones, all you hear is the discussion and nothing else.

“HD9 Provides superior listening isolation and reduces headphone bleed, so you hear nothing but discussion”

Order now at LAZADA:

July 08, 2020

Connected by music. United by creativity – PreSonus Sphere is here!


Welcome home.

Music connects all of us. PreSonus Sphere celebrates sonic creativity by providing a complete suite of powerful tools to fuel your imagination and bring your inspiration to life. More than software and content, PreSonus Sphere is a global community of creative enthusiasts and respected professionals—all brought together by and for the love of music.

PreSonus Sphere membership benefits include licenses for the complete collection of PreSonus’ award-winning software solutions for recording, mixing, scoring, and producing, including Studio One® Professional and Notion, plus over 100 libraries of samples, effects, and loops. In addition to these creative tools, PreSonus Sphere members are also given Cloud collaboration tools and storage, chat with Studio One experts from around the globe, access to exclusive promotions, training, and events, with much more being added continuously—all for a low monthly or annual membership.


July 07, 2020

Introducing Studio One 5 Music Production Software/DAW—What’s new?

Studio One 5 Pro 12MOS
Studio One 5 Artist 12MOS

Wherever sound takes you.

Record, produce, mix, master, and perform all from a single, intuitive application. Designed with ease of use at its core, Studio One® 5 is your creative partner from studio to stage. The Start Page provides what you need to begin your creative process, including a dashboard with all your songs, projects, and shows, plus a personalized user profile that allows you to add custom metadata to all your creations.

Open the Song Page and you’ll find everything you need to record, compose, edit, and mix with a complete set of virtual instruments, effects, groundbreaking arrangement tools, and an advanced Score View based on our award-winning Notion notation application. Next, assemble and master your masterpiece in the Project Page. Projects and Songs are linked, so you know the mix you’re mastering is always up to date.

And when you’re ready to hit the stage, Studio One is right there with you. New in Version 5, the Show Page lets you add virtual instruments, backing tracks, and plug-in effects to your live instruments with an easy-to-use Setlist that lets you sculpt your performance and change your show each night or do a quick edit on the fly when inspiration strikes. The standard for end-to-end production, only Studio One 5 seamlessly moves with you from initial inspiration to full production, final mix to mastered album, digital release to stage production… and lets you truly create without boundaries.

May 28, 2020

Time to play drums on-line with style. EDS electronic drums



High quality Electronic Drum Set EDS 908-175S Electric Drum kit


High quality Electronic Drum Set EDS-908-6 Drum Kit

February 29, 2020

Live Sound Essentials at Ilocos Norte   



We had almost 90 attendees. Cheers and congrats to those who attended. We are just happy that we were able to share knowledge about LIVE SOUND and a little bit about Home Recording. Special thanks to our partners, Kanzion Music, ASTC and Alpha, and Omega Internationa Ministries. We also acknowledge our technical Educ team, Leomar Bautista Zurita, Noel de Arao and Quincy Quisumbing.

January 15, 2020

MDI PRO awarded as “Distributor of the Year”



It was the 15th of January (Wednesday) NAMM 2020 week at The Sheraton Garden Grove where we received our first “Distributor of the Year” from PreSonus Audio Electronics. Present at the ceremony was me and our VP Helen Quisumbing and all PreSonus distributors from Asia, Europe, North and South America. MDI Pro was chosen not because of the volume of sales from 2019 but because of the turn around and growth rate with 130% from the previous year which was something phenomenal. We are very happy and honored to receive such an award and we will continue to do everything better this year.

First we would like to thank our ever-supportive partners from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, Our MDI Pro team and management who are very passionate on what they do, our customers and friends for believing  on us, PreSonus for the endless support and the guidance and blessing from our Lord.

Rest assure we continue to deliver best products from PreSonus and represent the brand well. We will continue to support our customers the best way we can or even elevate the whole experience to another level.

BY: Alvin Quisumbing