The SIENNA 65 PRO acoustic instrument amplifier can take your sound farther than ever before.


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With its attractive tan covering, leather handle and real wood control panel, the SIENNA 65 PRO combines good looks with great tone. The speaker has a flatter, Hi-Fi type response that perfectly suits the wide frequency and dynamic range generated by acoustic instruments. The result is a more natural, less “electrified” sound.
To enhance high-frequency details, the SIENNA 65 PRO uses a high-frequency driver as well. This, in tandem with the new speaker design, helps retain the unique harmonic content of the instrument and contributes a sparkling quality to the sound. The SIENNA 65 PRO also features an all- new digital effects section. The new algorithms on the reverbs and delays offer a heightened effect performance and a greater sense of spaciousness to the sound. Get the natural dynamic tone you’ve dreamed about with the new, SIENNA 65 PRO

Product Features

  • Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp
  • 65 Watts
  • 1 x 12″ Speaker
RMS Output
High Frequency Driver

65 Watts

Sienna Pro 12″


Mic & Inst.

Eight 24-bit Digital



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