High density alloy material, internal memory steel spring with high quality silicon padding, guitar capo with built-in pin puller.

Additional Information

Product name: Guitar Capo

Product model: DC-03

  1. Size: 76x85x12mm
  2. Weight: 76.5g
  3. Matrial: Metal alloy
  4. Function: For Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar
  5. Powerful metal alloy guitar capo and guitar kits



  • With our CAPO, no longer looking for position:
  • simplicity but perfect embodiment
  • high density alloy materials forging, hard to be out of shape and excellent performance
  • internal memory steel spring and precise effective number of turns to protect even by force, automatically restored after using
  • High quality transparent silicone pad match up the pressure ratio through memory spring to eliminate
  • Concise streamline design, comfortable and convenient
  • With Unique high density alloy materials forging ,hard to be out of sharp and excellent performance.
  • Suit for acoustic guitar and classical guitar, etc.
  • it is the guitar capo key clamp
  • Two kinds of material for your choice: Electroplating and the lacquer that bake