Modular Display Inc. is a professional light, sound and video service provider established by Alvin and Helen Quisumbing way back in 1998. The company has been at the forefront of audio engineering, broadcast experiences, and innovations. Today, we make sure to maintain good work philosophies that got as we continue our projects nationwide.

We are proud to exclusively carry International brands like PreSonus, , WorxAudio, Bardl, Kustom, Amptweaker, Ziko and Bohemian Guitar serving sound engineers, musicians, artists, DJs, producers and others alike. Our brands are now available at all music and audio stores across the country.


Modular Display offers specialized rental installation services for light, sound, video, stage and special effects with complete system packages for a variety of events such as:

  • Live performances
  • Religious gatherings
  • Club parties
  • TV shows
  • Public address
  • Corporate shows
  • Band gigs

For almost 2 decades of background in the lights and sounds industry, we can provide our clients access to the newest equipment with our roster that has the capability of handling challenging situations. We always PLAN and EXECUTE to give the best for our clients.

OUR VISION: To be the premier provider of professional audio/music in the country through a synergized effort of our reliable, outstanding and trustworthy employees.


To innovate and integrate sound, music, and lights with the best yet affordable equipment that will provide excellent services for our valued clients.

• Focusing on creating solutions
• Unparalleled customer support
• Exclusive distribution of top brands
• Product warranty plus local distributor warranty
• The experience in both live and recording
• You get to talk directly to the company president

Contact us: (02) 8939-7636, (02) 8291-2967


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Alvin Quisumbing


Helen Quisumbing
Executive Vice President

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